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Basic Chemicals

Basic chemicals are produced for both general consumer and industry. They serve as raw materials in many different industries. Also, they are solvents and additives in many mixtures. Produced in large quantities, the basic chemicals are supplied to chemical industry and other industries. They have many uses with desired outcomes or effects. Basic chemicals are applied in various industries, such as polymers, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, solvents, textiles, detergents, and many others. They have excellent chemical composition as well as physical properties. Further, they are developed to national & international standards. Our offered chemicals are perfect in use, effectiveness, purity and safety. The basic chemicals ensure that your products / processes meet the best quality & efficiency.

Hydrobromic Acid

Hydrobromic acid is a colorless/faint yellow acid that is stronger that hydrochloric acid. It can be prepared in lab by dissolving HBr in water; reacting water, Br2 and SO2 or combining the atoms of hydrogen and bromine. The strong acid must be handled carefully as it has a pungent irritating odor. This water soluble acid is mainly used to produce inorganic bromides, for instance zinc bromide, calcium bromide and sodium bromide. This strong mineral acid is used in chemistry labs as a chemical intermediate, reagent, and catalyst. Organic compounds can be prepared by using hydrobromic acid.

Titanium Dioxide

In the category of general chemicals, we provide titanium dioxide. This natural occurring chemical is demanded by many industries, from paint, food to cosmetics. Available in powdered form, this chemical find use in sunscreen, paint, plastic, paper, textile, automotive products, ink, food, pharmaceutical products, and ceramic glazes. When using this chemical, people must use protective equipment, like mask as inhaling this chemical is not good for health. The fine, white powder is packaged in pouches and sold by the weight. Those who are interested in buying titanium dioxide can send us an inquiry or give us a call. 

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