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Lithium Chemicals

Lithium Chemicals are commonly acquired via the reaction of lithium carbonate with lime. These are employed for making lithium salts of stearic as well as other fatty acids, which are then widely applicable as thickeners in lubricating lubricants. These special chemicals have a number of significant as well as interesting usages. In current years, these have been employed to make lightweight as well as efficient batteries. Compounds of these chemicals have also been employed to treat a mental disorder recognized as bipolar disorder. Relevant in the production of aircraft, Lithium Chemicals are mostly used in their stearatum form.

Lithium Chromate

This Lithium Chromate is yellow and odourless powder which is used as a corrosion inhibitor, oxidizing agent and heat transfer agent. The offered product is widely used in photography, wood preservatives, safety matches, batteries and cement. Offered lithium chromate is processed using optimal quality chemical compounds and progressive technology. In addition to this, precisely processed, optimum quality, eco-friendly, long shelf life and safe to use are qualities of offered Lithium Chromate. 

Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Hydroxide is an inorganic compound which is a white hygroscopic crystalline material. It is water soluble and also slightly soluble in ethanol. This is used in breathing gas purification systems for submarines and spacecraft. Used for production of lithium greases, our lithium hydroxideis packed in quality checked different packaging bags. In addition to this, offered Lithium Hydroxide is known for its soluble in water, longer shelf life, safe to use and precisely processed qualities. 

Lithium Carbonate

This Lithium Carbonate is chemical compound of carbon, lithium and oxygen. The offered product is used in the processing of metal oxides. This product is acknowledged for less toxicity, highly effective and accurate composition. The offered Lithium Carbonate is carefully processed using optimum quality chemical compounds and advanced technology. This qualitative Lithium Carbonate is extremely demanded among clients for precisely processed, long shelf life, highly effective, eco-friendly and safe to use. 

Lithium Molybdate

We have created a niche in the market by offering highly effective Lithium Molybdate which is used as an inhibitor in some types of industrial air conditioning. Find immense usage in a number of industries, our adroit professionals process the entire range using the newest technology and optimum quality chemical compounds. Moreover to this, accurate composition, long shelf life, purity, highly effective and chemical stability are qualities of offered Lithium Molybdate. 

Lithium Hypochlorite

Buy from us Lithium hypochlorite, a white, crystalline lithium salt of hypochlorous acid. The LiClO is highly demanded in hotels, residential societies, sports clubs and homes with swimming pools. It is added to swimming pool water to disinfect the water and control mildew, bacteria and algae. Similarly, it can also be added in spas and hot tubs. It is also used as a reagent for a few chemical reactions. It is also highly demanded in agriculture industry to use as a fungicide. Lithium Hypochlorite can also sanitize food contact surface, which is why it is demanded in dairy, food and cheese processing plant. 

Lithium Bromide

We are engaged in offering of Lithium Bromide which is used in air-conditioning systems as desiccant. This chemical compound of LiBr is also used as electrolyte component in lithium batteries. This purely composed, soluble and safe to use Lithium Bromide has long shelf life. Lithium hydroxide and bromine can be reacted to preparing LiBr. Not just industrial, this chemical has medical applications. This chemical in liquid form is available in different packing sizes and specifications as demanded by our customers. For bulk orders, this chemical is supplied in plastic barrels.  


Product Details:

  • CAS No : 7550-35-8
  • Melting point : 550 C(lit.)
  • Boiling point : 1265 C
  • Density : 1.57 g/mL at 25 C
  • Flash point : 1265C
  • Storage temp. : Store at RT
  • Form : Powder
  • Color : White
  • Water Solubility : 61 g/100 mL (25 C)
  • Molecular Formula : BrLi
  • Molar mass: 86.845 g/mol
  • MOL File : 7550-35-8.mol
  • Chemical Name : Lithium bromide


Lithium Nitrate

This Lithium Nitrate is deliquescent colourless salt work as an oxidizing agent in making of red-colored fireworks and flares. It has chemical formula LiNO3. This is a combination of lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with nitric acid. Our quality checkers perform a series of test on this qualitative Lithium Nitrate against different parameters, to ensure its purity and effectiveness. This product is acknowledged for its balance composition, long shelf life and excellent quality. 

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