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Lithium Chemicals
Lithium Chemicals are utilized for producing lithium salts of stearic as well as other fatty acid. Used in batteries as well as thickeners, these special chemicals have a wide number of noteworthy as well as remarkable usages.
Resin Products we provide are applicable in polymer chemistry as well as materials science. These highly viscous substances of plant are typically alterable into polymers and are usually considered as the blends of organic compounds.
Textile Auxiliaries
We are offering high quality Textile Auxiliaries, which can also be employed in a wide ambit of unique non-textile uses. These are applicable for anti-foaming agents, anti-static agents, binders, print & pad auxiliaries, bleaching, reducing, stripping etc.
Basic Chemicals
Our range of Basic Chemicals is made in huge amounts and works as the critical ingredient for both industry as well as general consumer. It has chemical raw materials, plain inorganics and also intermediates for chemical procedures.
Octyl Alcohol

Octyl Alcohol is an organic substance with the chemical formula C8H18O. It is an oily, colorless liquid that is soluble in most organic solvents but insoluble in water. It has a mildly sweet smell. It is employed in a number of industrial processes as a surfactant, plasticizer, and solvent.

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